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An Ideal present or that Gift for the Special Birthday etc



    Our most popular bushcraft survival course, This course is packed with content, Come along and learn new outdoor skills and techniques, as well as learning about yourself,

    Country Retreat Log Cabin Craft Course, This is a full packed Activity Craft  Course for 7 days, You will be spending 7 days in a remote Log Cabin, Not to be missed, And all the items you make you bring home with you,

    This outdoor bushcraft course is designed for people who dont mind a challenge, exhausting but fullfilling, Very informative as well as enjoyable,

      This Stag Party survival course is just the job for someone who is looking for that different experience for their stag party, Have fun and learn new skills, the course can have added extras to suit your party,

    This family bushcraft course is designed with the family in mind, A great way to introduce the young ones to the art of survival, At least you know when they go camping with friends or away with school they will know the basics of what to do,

    This bushcraft survival course is for groups of 6 or more, Also suits groups if they do not have a lot of spare time,

    Just as it says, this is a bushcraft survival course for a private group for a special occasion, should it be a Stag Party, Hen Party, Anniversary, Birthday etc, They will never forget this occasion,

    A 2 Day Team Building Course, Just what some companies need to bring their workforce together thinking as one, Course can be tailored to suit your needs,

    A 3 Day Team Building Course, This course is a little bit more gruelling for the workforce as they have an extra day, As always our courses can be tailored to suit your group,





An Ideal Christmas present or that Gift for the Special Birthday etc